Our Director

Jeana Evans

Jeana Evans first started singing barbershop in 1981. Her mother first started singing with Sweet Adeline's in Georgia when Jeana was four years old .  When they moved back to Texas in 1969, her mother began singing with the Golden Neches Chorus in Beaumont. 
She co-founded the Greater Sabine Chorus in 1982
when Jeana joined as a charter member. 
Since 1982, Jeana has held many positions within the chorus - section leader, public relations, show chairman, marketing, costume, makeup and assistant director.  In 2002 and 2003, Jeana co-directed Greater Sabine with Cindy King.  Greater Sabine achieved 1st place Small Chorus in 2002.   After taking a break for a few years, she returned as associate director in 2013 and became director in 2014.  She enjoys leading the chorus each week and helping each member achieve their best possible vocal production while having fun!